David de Gea now has unwanted record of conceding six against City twice

Manchester United conceded six against Manchester City for the second time in the space of 11 years.

For one player in particular, Sunday’s result will have brought back unwelcome memories.

Goalkeeper David de Gea was in the net when Sir Alex Ferguson’s side were beaten 6-1 by City at Old Trafford back in 2011.

For a short while on Sunday, De Gea saw United trailing by the same scoreline, before Anthony Martial scored twice to ensure the game ended 6-3.

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De Gea’s unwanted record

Back in 2011, United’s defeat was a freak result. The same cannot be said of this scoreline.

De Gea has repeatedly been on the wrong end of heavy defeats at United, last season 5-0 to Liverpool and previously 6-1 to Tottenham.

These kind of scorelines are embarrassing for any club. Let alone one of Manchester United’s stature.

De Gea has been the one constant in these poor scorelines. Of course it is not all his fault, he has been let down by some rancid defending – particularly in the 6-1 loss to Tottenham in 2020.

But at some point, you have to look at De Gea’s role and wonder whether Manchester United can do better. And we are pretty much at this stage now.

Against City, De Gea was statue-esque for City’s goals. After making an early save in the third minute, the Spaniard’s main action was picking the ball out of the back of his own net.

He ended up making three saves and conceding six goals. FotMob rated his performance a 3.5/10, lower than his score in the 4-0 loss to Brentford (3.9).

Coming out to claim crosses and playing out from the back are not strengths within De Gea’s skill set, and this leads to United defending deep, inviting pressure which is a recipe for disaster against a team with lethal creators and attackers like City.

Time to try a new approach

David de Gea will remain as number one for the rest of this season in likelihood, but it is nigh time to simply try a different approach.

His contract expires at the end of the current season, and The Telegraph report that United are currently hesitant to offer him a new deal.

The goalkeeper is United’s highest earner behind Cristiano Ronaldo, and this does not represent good value for money, when there are alternative solutions out there.

Erik ten Hag is a new manager, who will want to bring in his own players. This should apply at goalkeeper too.

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