Cristiano Ronaldo responds to Wayne Rooney's Sky appearance on Instagram

Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo were one of football’s deadliest partnerships. The duo were devastating for Manchester United, before the latter upped and left for Real Madrid.

The 2006 World Cup was a turning point, where Ronaldo was accused of having a part in Rooney being sent off as England lost to Portugal. The pair quickly made up and led United to the Premier League title in 06/07.

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Fast forward to 2022 and Ronaldo is still leading the line for Manchester United, while Rooney has since retired and is taking his first steps in management with Derby County.

Earlier this week Rooney was a special guest on Sky’s Monday Night Football, and was asked about everything to do with Manchester United, including Ronaldo.

Rooney appeared to enjoy his stint, although he did admit Ronaldo’s spell at United had not worked out. And he’s not wrong, despite the 18 goals he has scored, United will finish the season trophyless again.

The former England striker added: “He’s a goal threat but the rest of the game they need more, they need young hungry players.”

Ronaldo responds

A few hours ago Ronaldo left a response to Rooney’s Instagram page, although the meaning of his comments is a little obscure. The United number seven wrote simply, ‘two jealous’.

No doubt the tabloids will try to turn it into an ‘ex-teammates at war’ story, or ‘Ronaldo ‘blasts’ Rooney’.

More likely it is just a private joke between pals, rather than Ronaldo being genuinely upset with his former teammate, and just giving him a friendly jab back.

Quite possibly, if we are having trouble working out what Ronaldo means, Rooney is scratching his head too.

Rooney no doubt would still love to be out there leading the line for Manchester United. However he retired at 36, while at 37 Ronaldo is still leading the line for his former club.

The pair’s partnership could live on through their kids. Kai Rooney and Cristiano Jr are both in Manchester United’s academy, providing hope they could repeat their dads’ success at Old Trafford way into the future. It’s a lot of pressure and a high bar to live up to…

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