A disgusting derby result for Manchester United: Now let's move on and quickly

Manchester United came into Sunday’s derby full of optimism, and received a real gut punch.

City ran out easy winners, 4-0 up at half-time and going onto win 6-3.

How did it get so bad? Well, let’s acknowledge what we already know; Manchester City are a better team.

United’s players failed to do the basics defensively and paid the price, while also getting too caught up in the emotional disappointment of a game getting away from them.

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Now let’s move on quickly

Manchester United cannot dwell on this result. Forget it, and move on. There will be more matches against City in the future to exact some revenge.

The next match is in Cyprus this Thursday when United play Omonia Nicosia in the Europa League. This is an ideal bounce back fixture.

United will be favoured to win this game, and get a welcome confidence boost into the mix.

There are eight more matches left this month, and United can quickly consign this poor result to being yesterday’s news.

Remember how dismal the outlook was since the 4-0 loss at Brentford? United went on to rattle off four successive Premier League victories.

Erik ten Hag has already shown he can galvanise the team after a bad result, and so this should give us confidence he can do the same again.

Defeats are part of the process, and while it wasn’t pretty on Sunday, United have to move on.

There is only one way forward for United, to move on quickly from this. Don’t get too caught up in it, don’t blame individual players, just accept we were outplayed.

One aspect of the performance to be recognised was that United did not give up, scoring three second half goals, with Anthony Martial bagging twice.

At 6-1 it could have got even worse. 6-3 added a little respectability to the scoreline, and gives some consolation as we move on to the tough month ahead.

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