Rangnick responds as Manchester United supporter proposes triple transfer deal

Ralf Rangnick tries to be as transparent as possible in his press conferences and how he interacts with players and fans off the pitch.

This sometimes means he won’t deliver the news people want to hear, but an honest approach is seen as the best approach.

Rangnick showed this again at the weekend. The Manchester United interim boss was approached by a supporter after the weekend’s draw and urged to recommend a triple transfer deal for the summer.

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No to triple deal

In a video which has gone viral, Rangnick was asked to do summer deals for Sevilla’s Jules Kounde, West Ham’s Declan Rice, and Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland.

Rangnick had a blunt response to this suggestion, telling the fan, “You’re dreaming.”

It’s worth clarifying Rangnick said this in jest, although he was hardly going to say the opposite and suggest the deals are on.

To sign these three players would be at a huge expense. Haaland’s release clause is around £65 million, and Jules Kounde’s release clause is also a similar amount, with BBC Sport reporting Sevilla do not want to let him leave at a discount.

Declan Rice meanwhile could cost at least £100 million, with Hammers boss David Moyes commenting earlier this month, via BBC Sport: “I said in the summer I thought Declan Rice was £100m. That was the sales. That was cheap. That was your chance to get Declan Rice cheap.”

So United would be looking at around £220 million at least to get these three deals done, and that’s before factoring in the huge agent fees Mino Raiola would demand for the Haaland move, plus considerable wages.

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Even with player sales and exits factored in, this kind of expenditure is totally unrealistic for United this summer. Last summer was considered a high spending summer, and that saw only player signed for a fee above £35 million.

Rangnick is right to keep fan expectations in check. He is used to recommending more smartly priced moves at his previous clubs, and while there are extra resources at United, a wild summer is unlikely, the Red Devils will try to take a far more sensible approach.

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