Manchester United fans have every right to be impatient: Don't let this be an unbearable repeat of 2020

Every summer we hope Manchester United will turn over a new leaf in the transfer market. And each time it seems like the club are back at square one.

Now perhaps this year will be different. The transfer window only officially opened yesterday.

The club announced the opening of the window on the official website with a picture of Edinson Cavani signing last October. It was a symbolic reminder of a club which left four out of five deals until deadline day last summer – and one did not get over the line and had to be completed in January.

So there is some anxiety and resignation among supporters that we are probably in for more of the same this summer. Surely not?

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The early signs were good, with German channel  Sport1  reporting last weekend United were in talks with Dortmund.

This has since been backtracked a little, with BILD reporting there have yet been no bids from United. Hopes of getting this deal done before Euro 2020 are quickly fading.

Groundhog day

Instead of a fresh start and new approach, United fans are trapped hearing the same old reports each day, worded slightly different.

Some fans have quipped on Twitter that watching various journalists’ updates of the Sancho situation is like watching classmates copying each others’ homework, just wording it slightly differently.

From the outside it seems there has been no progress since last summer, with United negotiating with representatives and intermediaries and not Dortmund. Whatever happened to direct communication?

Insider Fabrizio Romano manages to inadvertently annoy United fans with each update, as he seems to be parroting himself. But it is not really his fault United are moving at snail’s pace, if at all.

The depressing aspect of this is that frustration is growing and it is only June 10. United have seemingly missed an early chance to get business done by the Euros and this will probably drag into July.

And with United’s business revolving around Sancho, again, that pushes everything else back into August.

It seems simplistic to simply say ‘pay the money and be done with it’, but that’s where we are at right now.

United fans have a right to be impatient

United supporters have every reason for unrest. The club is now four years without a trophy, while noisy neighbours City have just won the league.

Co-owner Joel Glazer has promised investment. But we know the Glazer promises count for little.

Sancho is a player who United really should have signed last summer. This is 2020’s business dragging on into 2021. It is impeding other areas which need fixing, including central midfield, where Paul Pogba’s likely exit is like a ticking timebomb and the club have their fingers in their ears ignoring it.

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Sancho was first linked to United in 2019, Sky reported at the time. By now it is widely recognised United are frontrunners, but the club’s inability to close a deal must be testing even his patience by now.

From United fans perspective it almost gets to the point where enjoyment and excitement is sapped out of it. Is Sancho worth all the hassle anyway? [Yes he is]

A whole summer of this seems unbearable. Our plea to the club is to end the suffering of indecision, get the deal done, and move onto the next one. Or if it is just too difficult, move on and sign other players. Nobody wants a repeat of 2020.

A quick resolution over the next 24 or 48 hours would be great. But we have been saying that for a fortnight, and did so all last summer and were left disappointed.

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