Despite reports claiming Liverpool are keen on signing Timo Werner, the German striker has talked up the option of signing for Manchester United.

It’s a pleasant surprise. Werner appears to be strongly considering a move.

Werner is quoted by Sky Sports: “At this time in professional soccer there are two different variations. The first is to be part of a team like Liverpool or Manchester City. They have a good working team. The teams have also great coaches.

“But this is the question: do you want to go to that kind of team, because the situation is already that hard for each member and you want to be a part of it? That’s one point you have to look at.

“The other side are teams which need some big changes, because they just won a few big titles, but they are not able to compete on the highest level anymore. For me Manchester United is one of these teams.


“So at this point of my career I’m asking myself: do I want to be part of a new team, to build up something new, or do I want to stay at my team and make something great?”

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Werner knows United can provide him with true glory

Is there any real satisfaction for Werner in signing for Liverpool or Manchester City, and joining a team already at the top?

Werner has spent his career to date fighting against this, battling against the Bayern Munich behemoth with RB Leipzig, and is finally close to scaling the mountain this season with his side on course to win a first Bundesliga title.

At both Liverpool and City, Werner would get less guaranteed starts than he would at United.

He would still have to fight for his place, but he could more quickly establish himself as a must-start.

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This season Werner has scored 27 goals already and provided eight assists. These include four Champions League goals.

He only turned 24 last week and whichever club is fortunate enough to sign him, are making a serious investment.

United should be listening to his comments and working hard to sell him on the club’s project. How could he not be excited at playing with Bruno Fernandes, and possibly even Jadon Sancho too if he is signed this summer?

United need a striker, and from his comments, perhaps the club have been in touch with Werner already to make clear he’s a wanted man.

Sure, Werner could chase the money and go to City, and take a more guaranteed path to success by joining Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool, but will he really get the satisfaction he wants from that? Or will it feel like hollow success, knowing the team was winning before he got there?

If Werner wants a real challenge, he should sign for United, and from his comments, it sounds like he knows it.

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