The Glazers sign an overpriced, past-it star in Tom Brady: United fan view

The Glazer family’s lack of communication with Manchester United fans make their intentions very unclear.

Most of us just consider that they see the club as a money-spinner, to raise their own profile and cash in the dividends as regularly as possible. The Irish Times reported they shared a £18 million windfall last October.

It is with some irritation to some United fans that the Glazers’ other sports franchise are on the verge of a big move.

NFL legend Tom Brady is set to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, report.

The Express subsequently reported how some United fans were annoyed at ‘The Glazers spending our money’ on Brady. But that’s not quite how it works.

The NFL works under a salary cap, and the Buccs were set to spend the reported $30 million per year which will go to Brady, on the team somewhere.

It is money already assigned from their budget, rather than an additional expense which will hurt United.

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Commercially driven move

United fans should be familiar with the Glazers’ strategy in signing Tom Brady.

The Buccs are a failing franchise who last won a Superbowl in 2003 and have not made the play-offs in 2007.

Signing six-time Superbowl winner Tom Brady is a commercially driven move, designed to excite disenfranchised fans.

It has come after their top draft pick five years ago, Jameis Winston, turned out to be a bust, a talented but error-strewn quarterback who was not the game changer they hoped for.

Brady’s best years are behind him. He is now 42, and he is coming off the worst season of his professional career in New England.

He certainly has a point to prove, but this move from the Glazers is about propping up a failing team.

It may work temporarily. ESPN report there are surging ticket sales in Tampa Bay.

Financially, the Glazer’s business will profit from this. Extra ticket revenue, shirt sales, and television money.

Just don’t expect a single penny to work it’s way back to Manchester United.

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Short term fix

Just like we have seen at Manchester United, this is a short term fix to more serious problems.

This could be the Tampa Bay’s Alexis Sanchez moment.

Perhaps it will work out. Brady has defied expectations his entire career. But last season showed he is a long way behind the new-breed of NFL quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson.

This is a commercially driven move from the Glazers, rather than a long term investment. If it does succeed, it will be luck rather than judgement on their part.

Signing an overpriced, past it player is a familiarity to Manchester United supporters.

Spending a large portion of the team’s budget on an ageing star means there will be areas of the team which will be under-invested in as a result.

Hopefully at United we are moving past this strategy now, with a more forward thinking rebuild project.

But old habits clearly die hard for the Glazers, and this is a desperate move which is far more likely to fail than succeed.

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