A report from Sky Sports has claimed Manchester United will refuse to pay Borussia Dortmund’s asking price for Jadon Sancho, and the club will not go over £50 million.

This is half the value Dortmund value Sancho at, and predictably social media went into meltdown immediately.

Are United really going to be tight and let Sancho slip through the club’s grasp, months after The Telegraph reported we are clear favourites to sign the winger?

Our simply message is don’t panic. This is all a negotiating tactic from United, in an attempt to put the squeeze on Dortmund.

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Dortmund announced in a statement on Monday that they are projecting a loss of 45 million Euros due to the global pandemic.

No club is immune, including United, but this latest report smacks of being purely an attempt from the club to try and drive down Sancho’s price.

We have been here before

This is a typical tactic from United, who refuse to do things the easy way when it comes to transfers.

Look back to January 18 and this BBC Sport article titled: “Bruno Fernandes: Man Utd will not pay Sporting Lisbon’s 80m euro asking price.”

United did eventually pay up and agree to pay that exact fee, but in installments, with £47 million up front, rising to £67 million (80m Euros) after add-ons.

This is just how Manchester United’s board do business, for better or worse.

United held out over Maguire all summer last year before eventually paying the £80 million. Leicester had at one stage wanted ‘at least £90 million [Telegraph].

United will see it as all worth it if the eventual deal with Dortmund saves the club £10-20 million. And in this climate, perhaps they are right to think that way.

But there is a risk too, as Dortmund could get so fed up that they stop negotiating with United.

More time wasted is more opportunity for other clubs to raise funds and get involved in the pursuit too. With Liverpool, Chelsea and Real Madrid all cited in Sky’s report as admirers of Sancho, United should not be complacent.

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United fans should not panic about this report, or overreact with anger. It seems like every day there is a leak from England or Germany with a slightly differing stance over Sancho’s future or his price tag.

There is a long way to go on this one. The transfer market may only really kick off in August. United can negotiate now, as Chelsea have shown with their signing of Jadon Sancho.

We have come to learn over the years though that while sometimes Ed Woodward does indeed get his man, he and United have a habit of dragging deals out in excruciating fashion. If we get Sancho in the end, it will all be worth it.

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