Solskjaer in or out: The six types of Manchester United fan

Manchester United’s group stage exit has intensified the debate over Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s future.

Radio pundits and newspaper columnists continue to pile on the pressure, stirring the pot after every bad result.

The Mail report United continue to back Solskjaer and remain committed to the manager.

This could just be the dreaded vote of confidence, with the MEN claiming last month that Mauricio Pochettino had been contacted by the club.

The fanbase is divided right now. There may not be a right or wrong answer, especially when it comes to possible replacements.


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It is important to acknowledge then that people’s views are just that, opinions. Everybody has a viewpoint and debate should be reasoned and respectful.

The result of this weekend’s derby will intensify the debate over Solskjaer’s future, as will subsequent results this month against Leeds, Sheffield United, Leicester and Wolves. A challenging end to the month lies ahead which could influence the club’s decision making if there is a consistent run of wins or losses.

There may be as many as six different viewpoints on Solskjaer from supporters…

“Ole was never the right man”

A number of supporters were dismayed when Solskjaer even landed the temporary job because his managerial record was a below average one.

These fans have not changed their mind that Solskjaer is the wrong man for the the United job, and that his signings have been poor, especially the £80 million spent on Harry Maguire.

It is argued that Solskjaer does not challenge the authority of Ed Woodward and the Glazers enough off the pitch, being seen as a patsy for them, and lacks the tactical capability in the dugout.

Just as many believed from day one that David Moyes was the wrong man, some would say Solskjaer was never cut out for a job this big.

“Ole’s time is up, it won’t change”

One argument is that Solskjaer has done a creditable job up until now and has taken United as far as he can.

United are too inconsistent and the group stage exit highlighted multiple tactical deficiencies, including poor substitutions and defensive howlers

Having once been open minded towards Solskjaer, they have seen enough and now want a ‘proper manager’ to take over and build on where United currently are.

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“On the fence, he needs time”

There are supporters who are simply fed up with the hire and fire culture of today’s game.

It is commonly pointed out that Sir Alex Ferguson would have been fired in the present era long before he won his first trophy.

These fans say it is impossible to make a judgement on Solskjaer because he simply has not had enough time, and needs another two or three years to continue what he has started building.

“I’ll make my mind up in a few weeks”

There are some fans who understandably cannot wrap their heads around the inconsistency of Solskjaer’s United.

These supporters often flip-flop between Ole In and Ole Out camps, changing with the wind on the most recent result, without forging a strong view.

They will point towards the next few fixtures and say, ‘I’ll make my mind up then’, in the mean time getting swept up by the highs and lows of the forthcoming result and never really settling on a strong opinion.

“Solskjaer is on the right track and has my backing.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer does have his supporters, who can see that he has brought some good to the football club and can continue to do so.

Backing this argument is the fact United have picked up the second highest points total since Bruno Fernandes arrived of any team in England.

United have also lost only three league games since Fernandes arrived at the end of January.

These fans believe a sacking would be totally unwarranted. United are high up the league table and belief is there that the club might still be able to mount a title challenge in this year where it seems like the league is up for grabs.

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“I’ll back whoever is in charge 100%”

There are fans who fairly believe in backing whoever is manager until the very end.

Some supporters backed Van Gaal and Mourinho right to the end too, and will continue to do so for Solskjaer without calling for his head.

And one day when Solskjaer is replaced, the next man in will have unconditional support from these fans too, without that being any sort of slight towards the Norwegian.

Which group of fans do you fall into?

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