Even on the night Manchester City were confirmed as Premier League champions, Manchester United’s team selection was the hot topic.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made ten changes for the clash with Leicester, and United suffered a 2-1 defeat.

That win for the Foxes put them nine points ahead of Liverpool, who have two games in hand.

The first of those is at Old Trafford tomorrow night.

That meant the question was put to Solskjaer post-match about how the Reds would react to his decision to rotate and Jurgen Klopp was asked about it at his pre-match press conference too.

Manchester United v Liverpool: The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round
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Solskjaer was bullish and said: “My job’s for Man United.

“My concern is the Man United fans, what they think about my team, what they want from my team and that we come together as one. I’m sure what Man United is.”

For what it’s worth, Klopp admitted he’d have done the same in Solskjaer’s shoes.

“It was the lineup I expected,” he said. “Not exactly the lineup, but I knew he had to make these changes.


“I said it 500 times, playing Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday is a crime. It is. It is not the fault of Solskjaer and the players. Would I have done the same? Yes.

“You have to. We are late in the season. United went to the Europa League final, that means a lot of games and now they get Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday – that’s not possible.

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But Klopp couldn’t resist a little moan: “The weekend after is a weekend off for United.

“When we thought about how it could work out on the day the game got cancelled, on the bus we made our fixture list and there was no Tuesday-Thursday.

“We would have moved one West Brom game, that’s it. That didn’t happen and the explanation was from the Premier League that no other team should suffer because of what happened in Manchester.

“That didn’t work out pretty well. A little bit West Ham, a little bit Liverpool but if we don’t make it into the top four, it is not the fault of Solskjaer – it is our fault.”

(PETER POWELL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Klopp was moaning earlier in the season about the 12.30pm Saturday slot after a Champions League game in midweek, so he’d be a hypocrite if he expected United to cope with three league games in five days.

Perhaps the Premier League could have moved their game with West Brom to this midweek, and put their clash with United on at the weekend.

West Brom refused to that alteration, as per the Telegraph. That’s their right, but as it turns out, they’re relegated already anyway.

Klopp’s right when he says if Liverpool don’t make the top four, it’ll be nobody else’s fault but their own. United have a chance to deal their hopes a hammer blow tomorrow night.

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