Manchester United fans are fighting for a return to a simpler time, when the club was not loaded with millions of pounds worth of debt.

The club was also far more successful then, and that was largely due to the influence of one man.

Sir Alex Ferguson turned United into a superpower after years in the wilderness after the Sir Matt Busby years.

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Fergie even managed to keep United propped up despite lack of Glazer investment, and won an incredible 13 Premier League titles.

A new documentary is in production about his time at the club, and his career. A trailer has been released, and it looks amazing…

Where can you watch Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In?

The film will be available in cinemas from May 27 in the UK. Cinemas in the UK are legally permitted to open from May 17.

The movie will be available to watch on Amazon Prime in the UK from May 29.


The website states it will be available internationally on various platforms from May 31.

For all Manchester United fans, whether you witnessed the great man himself, or are too young to remember his early moments of glory, this is a ‘must watch’ and the early impressions are that film makers have done an amazing job.

Who is making the film?

The film is being directed by Sir Alex’s own son Jason Ferguson, and features a deeply personal recollection of the manager’s life and career as told first-hand.

The film website states: “This is a moving story about the extraordinary power of memory. Alex recalls his career vividly – every trophy, every defeat, and every player.”

There will be interviews also with Sir Alex’s wife Cathy, and former players including the great Eric Cantona.

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