‘Glazers Out’ chants were reported from Manchester United’s away end at the weekend during the loss to Newcastle, the MEN reported. It’s about time.

The main criticism of United’s owners the Glazer family is that they do not care about results and trophies, purely revenue. United’s recent financial reports show progress is stagnating off the pitch as well as on it.

We have taken a look back at Joel Glazer’s first ever interview since the 2005 takeover and it is packed with embarrassing statements, which have proven to be untrue.

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Here is a look at five key excerpts from the MUTV transcript reported by the MEN.

1 – “It doesn’t matter how many times you walk in, you get that feeling every time. It’s an incredible feeling but with it comes a lot of responsibility and we take that very seriously.”

This is one of the problems. It does not feel like the Glazers treat their responsibility seriously at all. There is a big disconnect.

The club is saddled with debt, and a lack of investment. In the post Sir Alex Ferguson years, the club has lacked strategy and fallen badly behind our rivals.

2 – “The one thing we always say about the club in Tampa is while we may be the owners, no one really owns the club. The fans, the supporters are the owners of the club and we are the stewards of the club.”

This is purely lip service, it does not feel as though the supporters have any say whatsoever in how the club is run. It’s a banal comment straight out of the ‘new owners 101 textbook’ attempting to placate anger and meaning nothing.

3 – “I think the supporters appreciate it if you’re doing everything you can to put a successful team on the pitch, I think people are forgiving if they know you are doing that. You’re letting people know what they’re doing, whether it be the football manager making those decisions, or the Chief Executive making his decisions. Give them the tools, give them what they need to do their jobs.

The last three summers really have been the undoing of these comments. United have not been doing everything possible to put a successful team on the pitch.


The club bottled paying up for Ivan Perisic in 2017, didn’t sign a centre-back in 2018, and this past summer sold an expensive striker with no replacement, and didn’t sign a single midfielder. All of these areas were glaringly obvious in terms of need.

United have not been putting a team out capable of winning trophies, and as a result, supporters are not forgiving.

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4 – “The thing I emphasise is this: it’s going to be a long-term situation and nothing I can say today or could have said yesterday is going to completely change people’s views. The only thing that’s going to change views is things that happen over time so I caution people that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Judge us over the long haul, don’t judge us on a day or the last several months.”

OK, fine, as you ask Joel. We will judge the Glazers over the long haul. It’s clear, they have failed.

The initial success was under Sir Alex Ferguson and it was despite the new owners.

14 years on from the takeover and United are in a worse position than when they took over, and going backwards at a seriously alarming rate.

5 – Re communication: “It’s extremely important. Again I keep coming back to it, fans are the lifeblood of the club. People want to know what’s happening, people want to know where things are heading but we will be communicating.”

The Glazers do not communicate with fans at all. Nor does chief executive Ed Woodward. Combined with poor results, it has led to serious distrust.

Earlier this summer United supporters put together a letter entitled Five Key Questions, addressed towards the Glazers and publicised in the national media, attempting to learn their strategy regarding management of the club’s debt, a director of football and transfers.

There has been zero response. Joel Glazer’s claim that communication is ‘extremely important’ has been proven to be an embarrassing lie.

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