Let’s over react.

Manchester United’s season feels like it is over already after an opening day defeat to Crystal Palace.

It isn’t of course, with 37 Premier League games left to be played, two domestic cups and the Champions League.

But if this is what United are going to serve up for the 2020/21 season, then no thanks.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

United are behind the curve fitness-wise after a Europa League campaign which dragged into August.

But this is no excuse. The players knew they had to be match fit for September 19, and they were not.

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The club were clearly too generous with holiday time allowing player to swan off abroad, when they should have had just a short one week’s rest before returning to Carrington.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been badly let down in the transfer market by the board.

United’s deficiencies out wide, at full-back, and at centre-back were glaringly obvious, amid a poor display from Paul Pogba too.

This team needed more help, and it said it all that the one player who scored was the club’s only new signing, who came off the bench.

Manchester United v Crystal Palace - Premier League
(Photo by Matthew Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images)

A team with ambitions have been caught short

Title winning teams do not lose games at home to the likes of Crystal Palace.

United’s ultimate ambition is to win the title, nothing less. What seemed like a tall order before the season, already seems like mission impossible.

Of course, to think we could win the title was mere delusion after such a woeful summer, when the manager was failed by the board.

But it would have been nice to get off to a fast start, win some games early on, build up some momentum, and then take stock.

Instead United are going to end up with another season of chasing our tail just to finish inside the top four.

And where is the glory in that? We have seen this summer that a top four finish is not a gateway to a new path to success.

Hopes of the team being injected with extra cash and reaching a new level have come crashing down already, with a board which simply does not care about success, and ownership which does not care at all.

Ed Woodward has a lot to answer for. This is a man who should have been sacked on the spot in 2013 after a dismal summer then, and yet seven years later presides over more embarrassment for United.

United were caught short against Palace, and over the next six weeks this team will be put under a severe test, with games next month against Tottenham, Chelsea, and Arsenal, while our Champions League gets underway too.

There is still hope

Admittedly, it is an over reaction to write off the season after just one game, but that is how it feels after such a disappointing result.

But there will be brighter stretches ahead, even if it takes several weeks for United to get up to speed.

There is still time left in the transfer window for the board to change things.

Manchester United v Crystal Palace - Premier League
(Photo by Martin Rickett – Pool/Getty Images)

This game could place the same galvanising urgency on United to act, in the same way that a loss to Burnley at Old Trafford in January pushed the club to finally go and sign Bruno Fernandes.

A 14 game Premier League unbeaten run soon followed.

So we are aware how quickly it can turn around, but this United team feels short by more than just one player.

Jadon Sancho would inject life into the attack, but it is the defence which is an even bigger concern after this performance.

If United do not do something quickly, and drastically, then the 2020/21 season could end up as a very miserable one.

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