Manchester United's returning duo combined to create seven chances

For weeks during lockdown we wondered about the impact a returning Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford could have on this United side, already on an unbeaten run.

Last night we saw what they were capable of, and we only just scratched the surface.

Pogba and Rashford combined to create seven goalscoring chances during the 79 minutes they played.

Photo by Ash Donelon/Manchester United via Getty Images

Rashford created three chances, two of which ended up as assists for Anthony Martial.

His rifled-in cross which Martial converted early helped United break the deadlock after just six minutes.

Pogba had a cutting edge too, making four key passes, more than any player on the pitch.

Making the difference

What was remarkable about the impact from Rashford and Pogba was that both of them are capable of far more.

Rashford’s final touch deserted him whenever he had a goalscoring chance, one of which was courtesy of a sumptuous lofted pass from Pogba in the first half.

Pogba showed flashes of genius too at times, but Solskjaer told the club website after the game that he was still ‘a bit off’ in terms of match sharpness.

That will come for both players, and it will be a daunting prospect for opponents when they really start clicking.

Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

While United had a good run between February and March, this match showed the difference that Pogba and Rashford can make. They help United become better, more unpredictable, and more dangerous.

Pogba in particular has been missed throughout the season, and if he had been fully fit all year, United would be in a higher position than fifth.

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