Mailbox: Manchester United fans react to lack of summer transfers so far

Manchester United’s failure to sign any players for the first team squad so far this transfer window has become a big talking point.

Here is a selection of readers’ views over the past week sent in to our mailbox…

“The fans understand a certain amount of uncertainty in this window due to the pandemic, but what the fans will not accept is mediocre signings cheaper alternatives that will not help us get back to the top, whilst the Glazers still cream our very wealthy clubs profits. 

“As for Woodward he is totally inept in the windows please relieve him of these duties and get someone who acts swiftly to to not allow other clubs to snap up our targets hes always penny pinching when we can afford anyone.

“Enough is enough the fans will boycott games and new merchandise so be warned. Stretford ender for life.” Stephen Walker

“It’s a shame what’s happening with this proud club. The Glazers together with Ed Woodward is destroying what was once a proud and successful club.

“In the end I fear Ole will be blamed and be sacked for the shortcomings of the Glazers and the whole board. Other teams like Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea are strengthening their teams, but not us.

“Instead there’s rumours about buying player’s from relegated teams. What have become of Man United? It’s time to get these Americans out of here, they are just destroying this club. Glazers out!!!” Ricardo Abersalie

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“Ole has done a great job up until now, but has to get rid of at least 6 players this summer.

“He also needs backing from management to bring in Sancho, a centre back, a left back, and a holding midfielder.  Need money. Sell Pogba, I am sick of watching him walking or prancing back in the midfield. He and Fred were terrible together against Seville.

“Ole should have brought Matic on for one of them at the hour mark, as well as Mata for Rashford, as he wasn’t doing much. 

“If ownership won’t open the purse strings, then sell Pogba and De Gea. Bring in some young, hungry talent that will give 100%, instead of a pair of overpaid primadonnas.” Brent Pick

In defence of United

“I agree 100% with the Clubs stance! Man United have been taken for fools too long, as soon as they enquire the price of any player goes up many millions.

“Furthermore, as good a player as Sancho is, he’s not worth €120m! I’m also feeling extremely positive of all the recent youngsters signed, albeit for the future.

“The market is still open till October, so no need to panic. Do we really want/need the players bought quickly by Chelsea, Arsenal et al? Not for me! Well done Man U, keep your money in the bank, FOR NOW!” Len Donovan

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One liners

Gary McKelvey: “Get the money out for Sancho and buy Koulibaly while you’re at it…!!!!”

Alan May: “As per usual no signings it’s the same old BS the sooner United can get new owners the better,  going nowhere with this bunch of ****.”

Kausuri Sheikh: “Dear Man Utd pls hire Ralf Rangnick as our football director. He knows how to recruit good talents at low price.”

Gary Brown: “We are again a laughing stock in the premier league. Our captain arrested and no major signings unlike the other teams. We will have to put up with excuses and a final transfer day token signing to appease the fans. Its embarrassing to support Man Utd these days.”

Samuel Gachuki: “We cant keep doing the same mistakes every summer. Ed Woodward must go.”

Editor’s view

It would be a negligent decision from United not to spend, and for this reason, we do believe the club will eventually bring players in.

However, in my opinion, United will only act when it is too late, when our hand is forced.

I expect it to be an injury to a player, either in pre-season or an early match, which jolts United into late action in the transfer window.

At that point it will be difficult to get the players we really want, without paying over the odds.

I would say there is a window of up until September 10 to get the Sancho deal done, with Dortmund’s season kicking off a week later.

United are already pushing this one mightily fine, and at that point, I will give up hope we sign the young winger.

So long as there is an actual plan to move for an alternative, I have faith we can get it right, but what is concerning is that we don’t have a back-up in mind, similar to the Erling Haaland miss in January, which led our striker search down to a deadline day panic.

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