We don’t know exactly when Manchester United will play again.

In the meantime, playmaker Juan Mata gave an interview to the club’s official website, where he spoke about his first few months of his Old Trafford.

The Spaniard came to the club midway through David Moyes’ cursed sole season at the helm.

What he said about United fans shows what marks them out as special, marking them out from supporters of other clubs in England who have had tough times in recent seasons.

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What did Mata say?

He stated: “That first season – we always do a lap of honour. I was very, very afraid of that. I was like… they’re going to boo and insult us. I was embarrassed.

“About halfway, I realised they were clapping and singing, encouraging us and saying it doesn’t matter, it’s next season. This is incredible.

“It was unbelievable to have such fans. They don’t lose patience. They say: ‘keep going, it doesn’t matter’.

“I’ve had many more after that first example of how great, passionate and patient Manchester United fans are. It was just priceless.”

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United fans are the best in the world

United have had more tough times since that Moyes season, no doubt about it.

During the Scot’s reign, hysteria broke out online but the matchgoing fans – home and way – kept some perspective, kept on getting behind the time and kept the faith the good times would come again.

Compare that to the way that mutiny and bile from online has poisoned the atmosphere at Arsenal in recent seasons, aided by AFTV.

Chelsea fans turned on their own players in 2015 when Jose Mourinho was sacked – and have rounded on Rafa Benitez when he was their manager in the past.

But United fans are knowledgeable and create an atmosphere in which the players can perform.

No matter what happens, they show week in and week out why they’re the best fans in the world. It only took Mata a matter of months to notice it too.

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