Goosing The Gossip: United in "SERIOUS" (lolz) talks for James Rodriguez

With United travelling to Los Angeles, the wise man might think that they would have been pre-occupied with trying to get the volume button on those tiny airplane tv’s to work properly, but no, there are some laughable misguided souls who still believe that not only have the club been continuing transfer negotiations, but, they have been involved in talks for James Rodriguez of Real Madrid.
It gives us the perfect opportunity to get on our soapbox about this. There is a YouTuber who claims United are in ‘serious’ talks for the playmaker; we did the dirty work so you didn’t have to, and the summary of what he said was that it was a complicated deal and negotiations have been going on all summer. Thanks for that. These are the people who believe in ‘Di Marzio’ as a reputable source. Manchester United are linked with over fifty players every year. Let’s just throw that in there.
But to James in particular; Real Madrid are known to want rid of him and there are only a few clubs who could afford him or his wages. As United are one of them, he therefore fits the easy link generator. So, the player wants out, and the club want to sell. This is known to most. Why, then, would Manchester United of all clubs, be involved in protracted negotiations? The deal would be relatively simple and if it seemed from the outset that it wouldn’t be, and United were scared off, then, the negotiations would be over either way.
It. Is. All. Nonsense.
The most comical note in any real sense is Perisic of Inter Milan, who decided to fuel the rumour mill by following some United players on Instagram. Funny guy.

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