Goosing The Gossip: Conflicting Lukaku News

The synchronised announcement from some media outlets yesterday, of Manchester United’s apparent £75m agreement with Everton for Romelu Lukaku, was predictably-in the absence of an official statement from the club- followed by some conflicting reports.
The first thing to note was the humorous self-back-patting that went on from the press, some of whom went back and found the time that their random transfer generator tombola paired the Belgian with United, to tell us they knew all along.
The second thing of interest was the reaction of some supporters (and in some respects, we use that term lightly and sarcastically) who ‘work’ for United fan-run sites who decided that the news was actually about them, and thus, took to their choice of medium to tell us all about why we should care, and also why they were justified in abusing Lukaku when he played for Everton but that wouldn’t make them a hypocrite now. Some even claimed to have had an inside track on the deal!
Given the self-serving way these parasites operate, one wonders why they would keep quiet about it until most media outlets have reported it. Surely it stands to reason that they would have been bleating on about it? For pressmen, we can understand silence; they have to respect contacts, they have a career to protect. However for those who build their online profile with reactionary nonsense, caring little for their own reputation, why did they wait until most other media outlets announced it? Why didn’t you break the story? You could have had some credibility!
The most magnificent ruse of all would be if, as some are suggesting, the interest of Alvaro Morata was a smokescreen while United negotiated for Lukaku. How that would expose, and how it already has, those who claimed to have a working insight into how United were close to signing Morata.
Jim White of Sky Sports News-he of shouty voice and yellow tie fame-quickly jumped up on the bandwagon, saying he had been informed that there in fact was no deal yet agreed, leading to this wonderful event (thanks to Mikiel Gatt for posting)”

… Summary? Wait for an announcement from the club, or, from one of the handful of journalists who are actually reliable. By this, we mean, journalists who report news and events, and don’t rely on transfer activity in the off-season to boost their popularity.

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