Gary Neville reacts to Manchester United's deal for Odion Ighalo

Ex Manchester United captain Gary Neville says he is virtually speechless at the club’s late deal for Odion Ighalo.

It was a desperate move from United to bring the striker in, but one which might yet pay off.

United desperately needed a striker after Marcus Rashford got injured, and simply had to sign somebody.

JAVIER SORIANO/AFP via Getty Images)

Ighalo has proven Premier League experience and the deal is low risk from United’s perspective.

Neville sent a message out explaining his bemusement at how the situation reached this point, while also adding he hopes the Nigerian is a big success.

Two viewpoints

It’s possible to be both positive and negative about the Ighalo move.

United fans are relieved the club brought somebody in, and Ighalo has a decent goalscoring record.

But it is absolutely correct to ask how the club found themselves in this situation, scrabbling round for a striker with two hours left of the transfer deadline.

United have had since the summer to bring a striker in, and should have had a back up plan ready to go in case the pursuit of Erling Haaland failed, which it did.

Marcus Rashford’s injury ramped up the need for a striker, but United let it slide, until the last minute.

A more permanent striker will be needed in the summer. United need to start planning now.

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