David Beckham feels the way Ole Gunnar Solskjaer protects his Manchester United players is exactly the same as what Sir Alex Ferguson used to do.

As per Sky Sports, Solskjaer made the comparison between the current United boss and the legendary Scotsman.

Beckham and Solskjaer were both part of the 1999 Treble winning squad, working at close quarters with Ferguson for a number of years.

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What did Beckham say?

Beckham said: “He’s doing a good job. The fact that he’s stepped in and stepped up, and that he continues to be positive about players, he’s got that from the boss.


“He would never criticise a player from his club and Ole has been exactly the same.

“He’s still learning but he will protect his players and protect Manchester United.”

Solskjaer was making plenty of comparisons between the way things were when he played at United and now when he was first appointed as interim manager, but swiftly toned it down.

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We don’t see behind the scenes

Solskjaer has been almost relentlessly positive during his reign.

That has sometimes become wearing with fans who perceive that as Solskjaer being satisfied with a team which is sub-standard.

When compared with Ferguson’s passionate, often aggressive demeanour, perhaps some have concluded Solskjaer isn’t tough enough to enact the change needed.

But Beckham’s comments suggest fans don’t see the full picture, and that in his own way, Solskjaer is protecting his players, like Ferguson did.

Solskjaer needs to come up with a blueprint for the modern era but borrowing some snippets from Ferguson’s management may not be a bad idea – and it’s certainly impressed Beckham.

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