Criticism of the Glazers grows and more pressure needs to build

If Ed Woodward thought his recent statement about the club’s summer transfer plans would relieve pressure on the club he was wrong.

No planned rebuild can deflect from the damage done to Manchester United over the last 15 years of Glazer ownership.

The American family try to escape attention by staying off the radar, rarely attending Old Trafford and never communicating with supporters.

Their absentee status was called out earlier today in an excellent article in The Mail from Ian Herbert.

Titled,It’s 15 years since the Glazers’ £790m buy-out of Manchester United, but the invisible brothers are nowhere to be seen as the team continue to struggle. Their neglect is RUINING the club, Herbert’s take is spot on.

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The piece lambasts the ‘devastating’ neglect towards the club from the owners, a lack of vision and know how, also questioning why they have left Ed Woodward in his position so long despite United’s gradually waning commercial power and increasingly poor on pitch performances.

More articles like this are needed in the media to shine a light on the poor ownership at Old Trafford.

Whether it will result in any tangible action or change, who knows, but it is better than the problems being ignored and simply pointing towards the manager and being stuck in the same cycle.

Ex pro hits out

Former Republic of Ireland international Kenny Cunningham also ripped into the Glazers earlier today.

Speaking to Off The Ball, Cunningham said: “What sticks in my craw is that when [Manchester United] release their financial statements, that big chunk of money [the Glazers] take out of the club becomes obvious.

“They just write themselves a cheque and that’s got to be an absolute killer. That worries me, it doesn’t sit right with me.”

Cunningham is referring to the money taken from United’s commercial earnings to pay towards the debt created from their leveraged buyout of the club in 2005.

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The Guardian‘s David Conn reported in 2018: “The Glazers’ takeover has in fact drained out of United more than £1bn in interest, costs, fees and dividends since 2005.”

Former footballer Cunningham has no connection to United so it is interesting to hear his views as an outsider, how the Glazers are perceived.

What’s really needed is for more ex-United players to speak out with the same passion about them. Then the pressure may really start to grow and make a difference.

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