Mailbox: De Gea is good but not great and Solskjaer needs to make decision

Over the past week you have got in touch to have your say on Manchester United. Here is a selection of your contributions…

Decision over De Gea?

Ole’s doing a great job at Man Utd. and now he has earned the right to make a big decision on the goalkeeper selection.

De Gea has been a good goalkeeper but not great. This season in particular has been very costly and his basic errors has probably cost the team around 10-15 points.

He lacks the courage to be considered a great keeper and of course you can’t coach courage. As a result he is a reactive stopper rather than proactive,this puts unnecessary pressure on defenders around him.

Take the Southampton game and compare the performance of the goalkeepers and it’s obvious that the Saints goalkeeper came out on top, he won a point whereas De Gea lost his team 2 points.

Not for the first time, Tottenham was another game of quite a few this season. So Ole you have a big call to make on the goalkeeper selection, similar to the one Ferguson had to make early in his Man Utd career. – Anthony Callaghan

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United should take precautions, and be aware that the back four is vulnerable. Though it has not conceded many goals, we should not get carried away.

We have seen how counter attacks affect them. When the defence moves forward in helping the attack, the midfielders and attackers must know that if they lose the ball, De Gea’s weakness is widely exposed. We have seen it twice. – John Kimatarle

As far as the equalising goal by Southampton, that corner was inside the six yard box. De Gea has to be off his line and claim the ball, or at least punch clear.

He is great on shots, like the save off Redmond, but very weak and timid on corners and crosses. I don’t why no else has faulted him on that goal, but I do. Get rid of De Gea this summer, and bring in a bigger, stronger keeper. – Brent Pick

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Midfield move

It’s no coincidence that the creativity brought by Bruno Fernandes is bringing out the best in our front three, improved partly by Pogba, who has demonstrated great restraint in holding his midfield position.

The key player enabling Pogba and Fernandes to run games has been Matic, but we have to manage his game-time, so Fred or McTominay are great to bring in when we’re NOT being strongly challenged in midfield for control of the game, as recently witnessed with the games vs Tottenham, Southampton, Palace and to some extent Villa, where despite our growing attacking prowess, we’ve conceded four points.

Bringing in a quality DCM like Thomas Partey would release Pogba another 25%, particularly if the wing-backs can be schooled in tucking in, to support the DCM.

It releases Pogba from picking the ball up too deeply, just to be involved, which cost us a goal against Southampton and would have prevented the defensive uncertainty against Bournemouth which cost 2 goals.

Partey’s strength, speed, force and awareness is supplemented by his recovery when we lose the ball, which is where Matic is vulnerable.
Matic’s game-time would be better managed deputising for Partey, without weakening the team.

Getting the midfield right is the key to the impact Rashford, Martial & Greenwood have, as they’re more involved in more of the game, on the front foot. – GodisRed

One liners

“Good, good, good. Rash and Marsh, keep going. You are making Man United family proud.” – George Bashora

“Our right and left backs need to be extra careful with their positions. When Crystal Palace scored the offside goal why was the opponent left free? Communication breakdown.” – Ramjith Raghubir, South Africa

“It’s simple, just feed Mason and he will score. Monday night he didn’t see the ball.” – Mark Botha

Editor’s extra

Isn’t it nice to have a dramatic end to the season? When I say ‘nice’, it isn’t exactly good for the heart rate, but this is what Manchester United missed.

Remember last season when the team pathetically whimpered out with a draw at Huddersfield and defeat to Cardiff?

This led to a malaise which saw us start this season inconsistently, and we are now paying for it.

It’s great entertainment though, to be in this position late on, where every single kick matters, every result, and we are closely watching what our rivals do.

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This intensity brings back memories of close title races, and while it is just a Champions League spot on the line, it is so important.

This dramatic end to the season will stand the players in good stead for next season. You can see what it means to them.

If we are in a title fight, as we hope, this experience will help the players with the mental challenge which comes their way over the final weeks next year.

We saw Liverpool crack last season under pressure from City. If any side put them under any real pressure this past campaign, there is a chance they would have crumbled. This is good preparation for United to mount a fight next season.

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