Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has spoken out about the planned European Super League.

City, along with Manchester United and four other English clubs have proposed a closed shop, where the league’s founding members could not be relegated regardless of performance.

As per BBC, Guardiola said that it is not sport if success is guaranteed and made his opposition to the plan clear.

“It is not sport if the relationship between effort and reward doesn’t exist,” he said.

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“It is not sport if success is already guaranteed. It is not sport if it doesn’t matter if you lose. Come out all around the world and what is going to come. Why is Ajax not going to be there with four Champions Leagues?”

Of course some cynics will say that City’s riches have already damaged competition within English football.


But is has never been like this, where there is absolutely no chance for some teams to qualify for a division and others can never drop out.

It is franchise football, dreamt up in part by the American owners of United, Liverpool and Arsenal to ringfence revenues and make them independent of sporting performance.

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We hope to see a similarly strong statement from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer when he next faces the press on Friday.

But as Guardiola says, it is up to the people involved in this proposal to clarify their intentions and take the flack that comes with them.

I wouldn’t hold my breath over that as the people behind the plan want to uproot English football but avoid public scrutiny at all costs.

The desire from fans for those in positions of power to speak out is underlined by the praise from United fans for the manager of their bitter rivals for his opposition to the concept of a closed shop.

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