The Premier League kicks off again this weekend as Manchester United host West Ham United on Sunday.To celebrate 25 years of the Premier League, we are running a vote of the best 28 games in the club’s history.
In order to achieve the fairest results we went chronological and due to the restrictions in Twitter’s voting platform, these are put into categories of four. That unfortunately means some areas are stronger than others (the 2005 to 2009 one is particularly good) but it was the fairest way we could think of doing it.
We’ll take the best voted and run them into narrower votes tomorrow, and discuss the first five or six on the next podcast recorded tomorrow.
Which is your favourite? Vote through Twitter now. Or, better still, leave a comment and tell us what we missed out!
Sheff Wed (April 1993)
Blackburn Rovers (May 1993)
Liverpool away (Jan 1994)
Man City (November 1994)

Ipswich (March 1995)
Newcastle away (March 1996)
Wimbledon away (August 1996)
Liverpool away (April 1997)

Nottingham Forest away (Feb 1999)
Tottenham Hotspur (May 1999)
Bradford away (March 2000)
Arsenal (Feb 2001)

Tottenham away (September 2001)
Newcastle away (April 2003)
Arsenal away (April 2003)
Arsenal (October 2004)

Arsenal away (Feb 2005)
Liverpool away (March 2007)
Liverpool (March 2008)
Aston Villa (April 2009)

Tottenham (April 2009)
Liverpool (September 2010)
Blackburn away (May 2011)
Arsenal (August 2011)

West Brom away (May 2013)
Liverpool away (March 2015)
Man City (April 2015)
Arsenal (February 2016)