Manchester United are the biggest club in the world; there is little left remaining unknown about them.
On this week’s Beyond The Pitch podcast, the recently released biography of Jimmy Murphy, the club’s former assistant manager, was discussed.
Host Phil Brown talked to author Wayne Barton about Jimmy’s contribution at Old Trafford, and you can listen to the podcast here.
In the podcast, Jimmy’s influence in creating the ‘United way’ and how he stepped in to save the club from a fast fall to mediocrity after the Munich Air Disaster in 1958, are both discussed at length.
“If you are a football fan, not just a Manchester United fan, this is a brilliant story,” says Brown. “I can tell you, very few books captivate me but this book educated me. I found myself reading it and saying I didn’t know about it. If you’re a United fan and think there’s nothing else to learn about the club then I recommend reading this.”
The book has been described as ‘the book that Jimmy deserved’ by the Guardian.
The biography is titled ‘The Man Who Kept The Red Flag Flying’ and is available from Amazon for just £12.99 by clicking here.