Newton Heath 1892-93

The 1892–93 season was Newton Heath’s first season in the Football League. They finished last in Division One championship with 18 points and due to the absence of formal relegation from the league they were one of the teams that had to win a test match against a Second Division team in order to retain their place in the league for the following season. They beat Birmingham City after two matches to remain in the top division. Newton Heath lost to Blackburn Rovers in their opening match in the FA Cup this season.

Football League First Division

DateOpponentsH / AResult
3 September 1892Blackburn RoversA3–4Coupar, Donaldson, Farman8,000
10 September 1892BurnleyH1–1Donaldson10,000
17 September 1892BurnleyA1–4Donaldson7,000
24 September 1892EvertonA0–610,000
1 October 1892West Bromwich AlbionA0–04,000
8 October 1892West Bromwich AlbionH2–4Donaldson, Hood9,000
15 October 1892Wolverhampton WanderersH10–1Donaldson (3), Stewart (3), Carson, Farman, Hendry, Hood4,000
19 October 1892EvertonH3–4Donaldson, Farman, Hood4,000
22 October 1892Sheffield WednesdayA0–16,000
29 October 1892Nottingham ForestA1–1Farman6,000
5 November 1892Blackburn RoversH4–4Farman (2), Carson, Hood12,000
12 November 1892Notts CountyH1–3Carson8,000
19 November 1892Aston VillaH2–0Coupar, Fitzsimmons7,000
26 November 1892AccringtonA2–2Colville, Fitzsimmons3,000
3 December 1892Bolton WanderersA1–4Coupar3,000
10 December 1892Bolton WanderersH1–0Donaldson4,000
17 December 1892Wolverhampton WanderersA0–25,000
24 December 1892Sheffield WednesdayH1–5Hood4,000
26 December 1892Preston North EndA1–2Coupar4,000
31 December 1892Derby CountyH7–1Donaldson (3), Farman (3), Fitzsimmons3,000
7 January 1893Stoke CityA1–7Coupar1,000
14 January 1893Nottingham ForestH1–3Donaldson8,000
26 January 1893Notts CountyA0–41,000
11 February 1893Derby CountyA1–5Fitzsimmons5,000
4 March 1893SunderlandH0–515,000
6 March 1893Aston VillaA0–24,000
31 March 1893Stoke CityH1–0Farman10,000
1 April 1893Preston North EndH2–1Donaldson (2)9,000
4 April 1893SunderlandA0–63,500
8 April 1893AccringtonH3–3Donaldson, Fitzsimmons, Stewart3,000
14Notts County3010416536124
16Newton Heath306618508518

Pld = Matches played; W = Matches won; D = Matches drawn; L = Matches lost; F = Goals for; A = Goals against; GD = Goal difference; Pts = Points

Test Match

DateOpponentsH / AResult
22 April 1893Small HeathN1–1Farman4,000
27 April 1893Small HeathN5–2Farman (3), Cassidy, Coupar6,000

FA Cup

21 January 1893Round 3Blackburn RoversA0–47,000

Lancashire Senior Cup

DateRoundOpponentsH / AResult
28 January 1893Round 1BuryA0–46,000

Manchester Senior Cup

DateRoundOpponentsH / AResult
25 February 1893Round 3West ManchesterA2–1Fitzsimmons (2)10,000
18 March 1893Semi-finalBuryHyde Road3–1Fitzsimmons (2), Donaldson10,000
15 April 1893FinalBolton WanderersHyde Road2–1Cassidy, Mitchell[1]6,000