REPORT: Mourinho Expects “No” Players To Sign For Manchester United Today

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has stated that he does not expect to sign a player today.

Mourinho faced the press ahead of tomorrow’s season opener against Leicester City, though the major topic of information was whether or not United would strengthen their squad.

It is no secret that Mourinho has been keen to add to his squad and would have liked to add a defender.

“I’m not confident,” he said. “The market closes today so there’s time at least for me to stop thinking about it.

“I will have to focus on the players I have in relation to the first three matches, because after Spurs there is an international break and I have a couple of weeks to recover people and prepare them better.

“I have to focus on the players that are available. We go with everything we have in that first match.

“Nothing will happen before the transfer window shuts? The information I have is no.”

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  1. Joke, ed ww needs to stick to the commercial side , because basically that is all the man is interested in. The football world now laugh at utd , they are a total shambles when it comes to getting players in. I am predicting a season of woe with utd finishing 5th or 6th at best , they were crying out for 2 world class c/backs and ed has not delivered yet again.

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