DOCUMENTARY: Gordon Hill And The Boys Of 1977

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As well as having some incredible teams who achieved incredible things, Manchester United also have a number of great sides in their history who didn’t quite, for one reason or another, reach their full potential. The 1977 side is one. In the first of a new documentary series for, we take a look back with United legend Gordon Hill who recalls those fantastic days when the world seemed there for Tommy Docherty’s boys.

If there was one player who summed up the cavalier style of the ‘Doc’s Devils’ it was Hill, a flamboyant winger who was that rare breed – a great goalscorer, and a scorer of great goals. He lifts the lid on his team-mates and talks about his road in and out of Old Trafford.

Interviewer: Chris Culkin (Follow on Twitter)
Cameraman: Neil McHugh (Follow on Twitter)
Executive Producer: Dave Murphy (Follow on Twitter)

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  1. Wonderful interview with my boyhood favorite Gordon Hill. Spectacular winger and goalscorer of the Red Devils in the late 70′. Absolutely loved him when in my late teens. Especially remember the 2-0 victory against Derby at Hillsbury in the FA-cup semi 77, with Gordon getting both goals. Living in Sweden I listened to the match on shortwave radio, but got to see the goals on tv later in the sports rewiew of the week.
    /Per Eurenius, United-supporter since 1969, living in the north of Sweden

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